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Employee Management Made Easy

People are not manageable except by themselves. Using the Who Cares Motivational Management processes enhances your employee management systems.

Our processes encourage each employee to manage themselves in a direction convenient to the objectives of your organization including:


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Employee Management Processes
Managing Individual Accountability and Empowerment
Employee Management is more effective when your people are empowered, that is they feel they have both the permission and the obligation to act. The Who Cares Processes give them this "permission" by ensuring that their accountabilities are singular and visible (known to all people).

Employee Management Processes
Managing Trust Relationships

Trust is alive and subjective. It's not something you have or don't have; rather it is something that you manage or don't manage. Effective employee management requires people to manage their trust relationships on a regular basis.

The Who Cares processes customized into your management systems encourage your people to manage their trust relationships on a regular basis. This enables your people to manage their trust relationships with themselves, their boss, employees, clients and colleagues.

Employee Management Processes
Managing Workloads
Employee management becomes more difficult with increasing workloads. When your people are managing their trust relationships they are confident that their boss has the same opinion of their accountabilities and their performance. This makes it easier to share a workload problem without worrying that their boss may suspect their performance.

Employee Management Processes
Managing Hope for Personal Growth and Productivity

The most effective employee management systems enable your people to manage their hope for personal growth while chasing your corporate goals, thereby motivating themselves on the job.

Many years and many clients have helped us refine the Who Cares Processes to do just this.

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