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What is this "Who Cares" Book About?

This book is about employee engagement: how you can modify your management systems to encourage your people to engage their whole being in their work.

  • Employee engagement requires individuals to be in an environment allowing them to be authentic (in harmony with themselves)
  • Employee engagement requires individuals to be empowered to act.
  • Employee engagement requires individuals to attach their personal motivation to pursue the organization's objectives.
  • Employee engagement requires people to manage the relationships with their stakeholders.


"The management processes described in this book include a management cycle designed to encourage authentic and motivational behavior. It's all about employee engagement. We call it "Managing for Power"."

Read an Excerpt from each chapter:

1. Who Cares? (People and their Systems)

2. Managing Yourself

3. Managing for Power

4. Managing your boss

5. Managing your Direct Reports

6. Managing your Clients

7. Managing your Project Commitments

8. Managing your Corporate Culture

Employee Engagement

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