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Managing Your Organizational Culture

Any group of people working together will form a culture. It consists of values they share for the behaviour expected by its members.

  • These "shared values" give the members "permission", even an obligation to act in an expected way.
  • Left alone, the "shared values" may evolve into negative values; ie, encouraging a behaviour inhibiting the productivity and effectiveness of your organization.

Not pleased with your current culture?

Change your Organizational Culture

You can change it!

You can change the organizational culture

How we can help you

Who Cares Management Centre can help you:

  • Conduct a simple non-invasive assessment of the current culture of your organization, or of a specific functional area or project.
  • Sell the right people on conducting a worthwhile experiment in stimulating hope for improvement.
  • Establish a small Organization Culture Management Program (OCMP) that will enable you to:
  • Introduce the program to refresh your culture in a pilot area.
  • Integrate it into the rest of your organization at an appropriate pace, improving both the working life and the productivity.

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