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For any successful management system, you need two distinctly different processes, running concurrently: a Procedure Management Process and a People Management Process.

The Procedure Management Process is a roadmap, ensuring a consistent proven path; to build a product, deliver a service, or complete a project process. It prevents people from getting lost.

The People Management Process is subjective and behavioural. It prevents people from getting lonely, frightened, apathetic or frustrated. It empowers them to act; to seek help whenever they need it, wherever they can find it, without apologies.

A good People Management Process enables the participants to motivate themselves, giving them hope for personal growth no matter how tough the job.

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People Management

We have People Management Process Models that can be customized into your systems for managing your:

  • Boss
  • Employees
  • Clients or Suppliers
  • Projects
  • Organisational Culture

Project Process

How do you know when you have a sick project?

  • A Project Process without people management won't help you manage an excessive workload.
  • It won't help you if you can't share this with your boss for fear your performance may be under suspect.
  • A Project Process won't help when you're a Project Manager sitting in a dicey meeting, and your gut tells you you're the only one who cares!

It's All About Caring!

Using our processes will help you to make sure that the right people are caring the right amount about the right things at the right time.

People Management Process to help project process

What works

You need a People Management Process that will help you manage the trust relationship with your boss. You need to be confident that you both have the same opinion of your workload and your performance.

You need to supplement your Project Process with a People Management Process, a caring Network with a regular cycle to help you manage project ownership (Personal Commitments) on a regular basis.


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