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Some projects get in trouble; behind schedule, over budget. The team members feel frustrated and guilty, even if they are innocent; the stakeholders get fidgety.

If you have a troubled project, we can help you fix it with the Who Cares Project Commitment Management Process (CARENET). No matter how sick or how old the project is.

CARENET refocuses everyone on the future, leaving all unaddressed problems behind with a fresh start to completion.

The recovery package includes:

  • A readiness assessment to instill hope.
  • A customized workshop to introduce CARENET and refresh the project team, including the stakeholders.
  • One of our consultants assuming the project manager's role through the recovery process and/or consulting assistance with early experience.

Who Cares Motivational Systems Introduces the Project Recovery Service

  • Make sure the right people are caring the right amount about the right things at the right time.
  • Over thirty years experience recovering sick projects.

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