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Improve your Project Management Process for Project Success

With over thirty years experience, and many clients, we refined a Project Management Process model which assures that the right people are caring the right amount about the right things at the right time.

We call it CARENET, because it facilitates a "Caring Network"; enabling people to manage their personal commitments and their trust relationships with others in the project management process.

The typical IT (Information Technology) Project Management Process focuses on procedures. For project success, you also need to manage behaviour to ensure your team members and stakeholders work together in harmony. CARENET will fit comfortably with your procedural Project Management Process to accomplish this by dynamically managing a visible network of singularly accountable individuals.

We can help you integrate CARENET into your project management process so your people will learn how to manage and share commitments on the job.

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Using CARENET helps the participants by:

  • Cultivating a common language and culture for sharing project commitments throughout your organization.
  • Empowering individuals: giving them permission to exercise their accountabilities without apologies; to seek help whenever they need it, wherever they can find it;
  • Engaging them... encouraging them to seek project success.

Because CARENET encourages everyone to focus on completion, you can implement it at any time: to launch a new project, or rescue one in trouble. No matter how old or sick a project may be, you can refocus your team for project success.

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Improve your Management Systems Throughout your Organization

With experience we discovered the motivating elements in CARENET to be:

Regular one-on-one meetings with a standard agenda using first and second person, singular, subjective measurements designed to encourage participants to:

  • Manage their self-relationship for personal authenticity and confidence.
  • Refresh the status of their respective singular, visible, personal commitments.
  • Manage their trust relationships with:
  • Developers;
  • Users;
  • Stakeholders.

We took these elements and applied them to other management venues to complete the "Who Cares Motivational Systems Processes" for the "Three Plus One Caring Networks" required for any organization to be successful:


Owner Network

`Using the Accountability Management Network (ANET) for managing the trust relationship with your boss to satisfy the owners.

Employee Network

Using the same process (ANET) for managing the trust relationship with your direct reports to satisfy the employees.

Client/Supplier Network

Using the Client/Supplier Management Network (CNET) to manage the trust relationships with your clients (those who have to live with the results of your efforts), or with your suppliers (those whose products and/or services you have to live with).

The "Plus One" Project Network

Using the Project Management Process (CARENET) to manage the trust relationships for personal commitments which must be shared amongst team members and stakeholders working in harmony for project success.

Organization Culture Management Program

We developed OCMP to help clients manage a culture fostering continuous improvement in productivity by growing people.

Visit our Organizational Culture page for more information.

We can provide consulting assistance to help you assess the health of your management systems, and customize any or all of the Who Cares Motivational models into your management systems, including:

  • A simple readiness assessment to instill hope for positive change.
  • Customized workshop(s) to introduce the process(es) and the behaviour values the participants will be encouraged to share.
  • Assistance with monitoring early experience including implementing the Who Cares Continuous Improvement Process - CIP to enable your people to boot strap your organization through the positive change at the optimum pace.

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