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One of the most common complaints found in current surveys conducted with white collar workers is that they have too much to do. "Even if I perform at my best, I can't complete all my work". This is typical of the hopeless feeling expressed.

One of the pleasant surprises we discovered using our Accountability Management Process (ANET), even in its early phase, was that this issue was resolved. Participants found that:

  • They were able to better manage the stress of their workload.
  • They were able to manage their relationship with their boss better. They now had a harmonious relationship.
  • They were confident their Managers shared their opinion of the current status of: what they were responsible and accountable for, priorities for their action, and their performance.

If you are an employee

When you're facing a situation where you have more accountabilities than you can handle, you need to have a trust relationship established with your manager.

You need to believe that your boss has the same opinion that you have about your workload and your performance. Otherwise you may find a reason not to ask your manager for help feeling that your performance will be negatively impacted.


If you are a manager

As a manager, you do not want to be exposed to being abandoned by an employee having difficulty managing his/her workload.

You want them to believe that asking you for help when they feel they need it is part of their job.




Accountability Management Process

ANET can be easily customized into your management process. With introductory workshops and consulting assistance, your people will continuously manage the boss/employee trust relationship for harmony.

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